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Top 21 Google Tricks !

Kashif Hassanat | Saturday, September 28, 2013 | |
Google: I Know That There Is No Need To Tell You About The Word Google. Do You Know That There Are Many Hidden Tricks In It ?. Here I Have 20 ! Of Its Tricks. So Read It ,Like It And Comment About Your Experiences .

1) Zerg Rush: 
                      Go To The And Search Zerg Rush And See The Magic !

2) elgooG:
                  Here You Will Find Mirror Of Google Go To This Link elgooG And Search Any Thing And It Will Be In Mirror !

3)  Google Gravity :
                                    It Is A Trick In Which Gravity Is Zero. Google Everything Is Fall Down. You Can Pick Up Anything And Fall Down ,And It Is Very Interesting Trick.                                            Click On The Following Link To Get This Trick.

Let me Google that for you :
                                                           LMGTFY or Let Me Google That for You is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek service made for those of us who are too lazy to use Google. Upon entering a search query, instead of results, you get a link that you can then Send Or Mail to your lazy recipient Or Person. Click On The Given Link To Get This Trick.
                                        It Is A Trick In Which You Can Play Pac Man Games As It Name Indicate.,30th anniversary of the classic game, people around the world woke up to a search engine sporting an actually playable mini-version of Pac-Man. Click On The Link To Get This Trick !  Google Pac-Man .

                                            A Funny Google trick that is still accessible today, the barrel roll means exactly as it says: make Google do a barrel roll. Simply type “Do a barrel roll” into the search bar and Google obeys the Commands.

Google Rainbow : 
                                       It is a trick in which google has animated colors (gifs). It look very beautiful to get this trick then open up the following link Google Rainbow . 

9) Google Sphere
                             Google Sphere turns everything in spherical form in Google’s homepage into a swirling “sphere.” It’s pretty cool,But it is no more famous on google.To see how it once worked, just visit the link below. Sphere Google.

                                                             Typing the word “tilt” or “askew” on Google (specifically if you’re using the Chrome or Safari browser) commands the search engine to “tilt” the whole screen slightly to the right. 
                                                                   Over the years, Google has released several of its “doodles”—-design of the Google logo made as a tribute to a historical event or the birthday of someone who has changed the world for the better. Through the link below, you’ll find all of the Google Doodles.

12. Recursion
                                     Type “recursion” into the Google search bar and Google in return asks, rather recursively: “Did you mean recursion?”

13. Google’s Nessie   
                                                      Use the beach theme with your iGoogle homepage, then very patiently sit there and wait until the clock strikes 3:14 AM. Or you can just more the clock forward and see the monster” that comes out. If you actually waited several hours until 3:14 AM, finally seeing the monster might not totally amuse you.
19. Flight Simulator
                                                   What started as an Easter egg became so well-loved that Google eventually turned it into a regular feature of Google Earth. Just click Tools > Enter Flight Simulator, and you’re off to make a round-the-world tour. It would have been more awesome if Google Earth also has a “rocket launcher” feature with unlimited ammo to go with it, but maybe next time.
20. Epic Google 
                               Epic Google is Google on steroids — not the enhanced performance however, just the obscene bulk. Once the page loads, the logo, search bar, “Search” and “I’m Feeling Excessive” buttons, all swell until they either float off the page or you type a search and get the heck outta there.
21. Weenie Google   
                                               Weenie Google is the flip side of Epic Google. Once the page loads, the logo, search bar, “Search” and “I’m Feeling Inadequate” buttons,immediately begin to shrink to inscrutable and barely-usable sizes. Is fun, no? 


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